‘Highlander: The Source’ Set to Film


I am not a huge Highlander fan, which is why it took me a little longer than usual to post this bit of news, but I know several of you out there must be or it wouldn’t be the successful franchise it has become. Therefore, I know this news should excite you as you can see from the image above it is time to celebrate Highlander‘s 20th Anniversary, and in celebrating 20 years of The Legend, Davis-Panzer Productions, Sequence Films and Grosvenor Park have announced that Highlander: The Source will start shooting in Lithuania this October. Brett Leonard is set to direct with Adrian Paul playing the immortal Scottish swordsman, Duncan MacLeod.

This new adventure to be, starring Adrian Paul is the first feature in the Trilogy. The Source will tell the story of Immortals as they quest to locate the Holy Grail of their world. The entire series of films will chronicle the origins of the Immortals.

Director Brett Leonard commented “This is a tremendous opportunity for a storyteller of this genre to take part in the mythology of 20 years.” He continues that “Highlander is an amazing ongoing story that I can bring my visual style to… Everything I have done has led me to this kind of mythical fantasy.”

Brett Leonard pioneered the creation of digital visual effects in filmmaking with 1992’s Lawnmower Man, he also directed 1995’s Virtuosity, and most recently completed Marvel’s Man-Thing. He is heralded as a maverick in science fiction, fantasy and adventure by creating films with a strong visual presence.

Peter Davis of Davis-Panzer Productions noted, “We are truly celebrating this milestone in Highlander history by pairing Brett and Adrian in our newest Trilogy. We anticipate that this combination will recapture the filming glory of the original Highlander.”

Davis-Panzer Productions is busy further immortalizing the Clan MacLeod during the series’ twentieth year with an anime feature film in partnership with Imagi and Madhouse of Japan and a video game with SCI Games Ltd. of London. There is no limit when your story is timeless and Immortal!

Highlander: The Source will be distributed in North America through Lions Gate Films and in 40 foreign territories through the top independent distributors.

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