Aghdashloo Realizes Her ‘Dreamz’


Shohreh Aghdashloo certainly became a much more well known name due to her recent showing on the hit Fox Television show “24” but she will soon be known for here acting as well, if she isn’t already after her turn in House of Sand and Fog.

Variety is announcing now that Aghdashloo has joined an already large cast of names for Universal’s American Dreamz. She will be joining Dennis Quaid, Marcia Gay Harden, Hugh Grant, Richard Dreyfuss and Mandy Moore in the film which was written and will be directed by In Good Company writer/director Paul Weitz.

The story behind the film is for the most part unknown, as all we know so far is that it is a satire on American politics and show business.

Aghdashloo will next be seen in the thriller The Exorcism of Emily Rose followed by Warner Bros.’ Il Mare.

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