Harden has ‘American Dreamz’

A film already packed with names such as Dennis Quaid, Hugh Grant, Richard Dreyfuss and Mandy Moore is now adding one more as Marcia Gay Harden is set to play first lady to Quaid’s presidential role in American Dreamz an ensemble political satire that Paul Weitz is directing for Universal Pictures.

There isn’t much more to the story other than this is going to be a satire on American politics and show business, but IMDB.com has a ton of names associated with the film, yet I am not about to confirm any of these, including Willem Dafoe, Jennifer Coolidge, Judy Greer, Chris Klein, Seth Meyers and John Cho.

Weitz most recently wrote and directed last year’s In Good Company the same as he wrote and directed and will produce American Dreamz.


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