Kidman to get Body Snatched?


Who doesn’t miss Invasion of the Body Snatchers? Also, who else has noticed Nicole Kidman‘s eminently weird smile she was showing off on Oprah? Well folks, it’s high time we combined those two freaky insitutions, and I’ve got just the news that does so.

Production Weekly is reporting Kidman is set to play the lead in Invasion, German director Oliver Hirshbiegel’s remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Dave Kajganich’s script will center on Kidman’s character Carol, who uncovers a conspiracy in a small town where the inhabitants personalities’ seem to be changing. Production will begin in Ontober on location in Baltimore.

So the obvious question is did she accept this project because old Tom was inspiration? Okay, lame, but I had to try it. The guy still creeps me out. If you check out that link you’ll also find out about a project she’s taken involving her playing a spy. I’ve read some tough things about her getting insurance lately, but maybe those problems are over based on these two roles coming her way.

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