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Finally a week with a boat load of new titles to feature on the DVD DOWNLOAD and I am here with the low down with each one so sit back and enjoy as I rattle off 13 new titles that have been added to the database and one massive collection for you Trekkies.

(October 25th)

First up is last year’s TNT holiday movie that actually even saw a little bit of theater time and features a large cast list. Noel stars Paul Walker, Susan Sarandon, Penélope Cruz, Alan Arkin and Robin Williams as five New Yorkers become indirectly entangled during the Christmas season only to reveal a holiday miracle.

The film was released last year on a limited play Flexplay DVD, and for those of you that saw it you know this one ain’t that bad. Currently there is no preorder set for the DVD version, but the Flexplay DVD is still available if you are interested in previewing it before October 25th.

The Honeymooners
(October 18th)

Oh hey, look what we have here, the comedy bust of the year as Paramount’s The Honeymooners is set for an October 18th release. The film stars a healthy cast of names including Cedric the Entertainer, Mike Epps, James Gandolfini, Gabrielle Union, Regina Hall, Eric Stoltz and John Leguizamo but only managed just over $12 million at the box-office as the story based on the hit television show of yore, just didn’t click with audiences.

Currently there are no special features available or a preorder link.

Star Trek: Nemesis – Special Collector’s Edition
(October 4th)

The most recent film in the Star Trek franchise is finally getting the Collector’s Edition treatment as Star Trek: Nemesis hits DVD shelves on October 4th. There are currently no special features available to list, but you can preorder the title now by clicking here.

Star Trek: The Motion Pictures Collection
(October 4th)

Coinciding with the release of Nemesis is the Star Trek Motion Picture Collection. The set includes all of the films in their 2-Disc Collector’s Edition forms and from what I understand nothing more. So if you have held off buying any of the new editions you can now take home all ten in this 20 disc set.

Titanic (3-Disc Collector’s Edition)
(October 25th)

We heard about it a long time ago and now it is finally here, a 3-Disc Collector’s Edition of the 11 Oscar-winning feature Titanic. The set boasts a huge list of features, which haven’t been announced officially, but DVDAnswers has a nice rundown of what to expect check this out:

The three-disc collector’s edition will be the ultimate for film and DVD enthusiasts – containing numerous deleted scenes, new in-depth documentaries that explore the odyssey of the making of the film and much more. The film itself will be presented in a brand new high definition transfer along with 6.1 Dolby Digital Audio offering the highest level of picture and sound quality on DVD. James Cameron commented: “The three year process of making Titanic seemed at times as arduous as the building of the original ship itself. Until recently, I wasn’t really ready to dive back into it all and re-live the conflicts, disappointments, tough choices and, ultimately, the film’s crazy, unexpected success. This special edition is more than just the hour or so of unseen footage we’re taking fans on an untold journey, one which could have ended just as disastrously as Titanic’s maiden voyage, and often seemed as if it would.”
Clueless – “Whatever!” Edition
(August 30th)

I am still trying to figure out if this set is really worth anything more than a normal release, but Paramount feels a special edition is necessary as they will release Clueless the “Whatever!” Edition on August 30th. The special features have not yet been announced, but you can preorder the disc here.

The Jerk (26th Anniversary Edition)
(July 26th)

Next up is a movie that I have actually never seen, but will have the pleasure of viewing soon as The Jerk is celebrating its 26th Anniversary with a special edition DVD. The disc includes all the features listed below and will be available to own on July 26th.

· Learn How to Play “Tonight You Belong to Me”
· The Lost Filmstrips of Father Carlos Las Vegas de Cordova
· Theatrical Trailer
· Production Notes
Mallrats (10th Anniversary Extended Edition)
(September 20th)

Speaking of worthy special editions here we have one of the most worthy as finding a copy of Mallrats anywhere other than eBay is virtually impossible.

It has been announced that Universal is finally releasing Mallrats (10th Anniversary Extended Edition) with all the special features listed below, so check ’em out and once a preorder link is available we will have it up.

Side One: Mallrats Theatrical Cut
· Original On Set Cast Interviews
· A Brief Q&A With Kevin Smith
· The Erection Of An Epic – The Making Of Mallrats
· Bloopers
· View Askew’s Look Back At Mallrats
· Feature Commentary
· Theatrical Trailer
· The Goops “Build Me Up Buttercup”

Side Two: Mallrats Re-Cut (Extended Cut)
· Kevin And Scott’s Introduction
· Mallrats Cast Reunion Q&A Session

The Deal
(August 16th)

Have you heard much about this one? Well, me neither, but I can tell you that The Deal will be available to own on August 16th from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and that it features the likes of Christian ‘I grope women in public’ Slater and Selma Blair. The film is billed as a political thriller steeped in illegal oil trading, the Russian Mafia, and governmental cover-ups and if this is the one for you click here to order yourself a copy.

(September 6th)

Another movie I am not exactly 100 percent up-to-date on is 3-Iron from Sony Pictures Classics, the trailer didn’t intrigue me, but don’t let that stop you from learning a little more about this film from director Ki-duk Kim. I have a trailer for you to check out here and if it looks good to you, you can preorder yourself a copy here.

(September 13th)

Here we have the feel-good movie of the week as Madison stars Jim Caviezel and Jake Lloyd (Anakin from Episode I) in a the true story of a dying river town in Indiana, which in 1971 succeeded in becoming the host for the Gold Cup of hydroplane boat racing.

I saw the film a while back and enjoyed it, but am not quite sure it is worth a purchase, check out the trailer here and make up your own mind.

Rock School
(September 13th)

Our last feature film DVD of this DOWNLOAD is Rock School from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Rock School is a documentary that traces the ups-and-downs of the Paul Green School of Rock Music, a unique institution founded in Philadelphia in 1999, dedicated to teaching children ages nine through 17 the ins-and-outs of rock and roll.

I never saw this feature but it was received quite well from several critics, it may be worth a once over.


CSI: New York – The First Season
(July 26th)

First up on our TV DVDs list is the first season of “CSI: New York.” I have steered clear of watching this show on television just so I can check it out on DVD and I cannot wait until October 25th once this set streets. There are currently no special features available since the title was announced just today, but rest assured once there are we will have them up for you.

3rd Rock from the Sun – Season 1
(July 26th)

Finally we come to our last title of the week and it is another TV DVD that I will certainly take interest in reviewing as “3rd Rock from the Sun” is one of those sitcoms that always seemed to be perfectly tapped in with current events and managed to work a cynical message on the state of the world into every show, I loved it.

The first season will be available on July 26th with the features listed below, you can also click here to check out a couple of clips from the special features.

· All 20 Episodes from 1996 season
· Bloopers Reel
· Interview with entire cast including John Lithgow
· 3rd Rock: Behind the Scenes
· Season One Highlights
· TV Spots
· 16-page collectible booklet
· DVD-ROM: Teleplays

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