Do They Really ‘Know What You Did’?

Why can’t they let stupid storylines be? The first I Know What You Did Last Summer was only successful because of the success of Scream, and the fact that the well-endowed Jennifer Love Hewitt was running around in the flick, but to say it was any good would be a crime.

Then came the second film in the franchise, which cleverly added “Still” into the title, and yet it equally sucked, and now FilmJerk tells us Sony Pictures is considering another film in the franchise and get this they have gotten even more clever with the title, I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer, and the storyline is equally original, check this out:

…four teens from a small Colorado town will be victimized by a phantom menace one year after a July Fourth prank gone awry kills one of their buddies. Against the protestation of one of them, the group agree to keep this secret, only to find their friendships torn apart from the strain. The next Independence Day, just before the town’s annual carnival, the four receive intimidating communiqués indicating someone is aware of what happened before. The group suspect the cousin of the dead friend, only to discover they are very much on the wrong track. Can the friends survive and figure out the identity of their tormentor before they end up dead themselves?

Yeah, nothing new here. Nevertheless, FilmJerk goes on to say that filming is set to begin in Utah near the end of August, and the film will be sans Hewitt and Prinze with new teens on the roller coaster ride with a release of Fall 2006 in mind.

The odd thing about the “no Jennifer Love Hewitt” bit is that Bloody-Disgusting, only about a month ago or so, got a scoop in from a reader that Hewitt mentioned another Last Summer feature and that she would be willing to be involved, check that bit out right here.

Personally, I have to say this is just as bad as Crow Wicked Prayer, and will most likely get the same straight to DVD treatment if it ever gets made.


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