Stahl as Angel? The Rumor Mill Begins


Ain’t It Cool News has not exactly been quiet about their feelings toward X-Men 3 since Brett Ratner was named director. Shots at Fox have been fired off of every bow, but today they are reporting a scoop from one of their “sometimes slightly off” scoopers that should get your brains a tickin’.

Just yesterday Marvel Studios head, Avi Arad, told me to wait until next week for the official casting announcement on Angel and AICN’s possible scooper may just have the name. The scoop reads:

It is official now, the role of Angel in the upcomming X-men 3 movie will be played by up and coming young actor, Nick Stahl. Most notably recently for his role in Sin City and the ill-fated HBO series Carnivale.

Well, there is one possibility, whether it is true or not is still up in the air, but Arad led me to believe the announcement would come prior to Comic-Con, which means before July 14th, let’s wait and see.

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