‘X3’ Angel Casting Next Week


I just got off the phone with Avi Arad, head cheese at Marvel Studios, and some news is too good to hold on to for long. Guess what folks, X3‘s Angel has been cast, but you are going to have to wait until next week to find out who it is.

When I asked him about any big announcements to be made at the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con and if we would learn who Angel was for X-Men 3 he told me, “Oh, it will come earlier than that.”

So of course I asked if it had already been cast and if he had a name, “Just wait until next week.” I wasn’t getting any more than that.

As for the Internet rumors spanning the web this morning he was able to give me a tiny bit of insight. As to the rumor that David O. Russell will be directing Silver Surfer he said, “That’s news to me.”

On the other hand, the other rumor concerning four villains for the upcoming Spider-Man 3 he wasn’t as quick to answer. After a long delay, he said, “Those are just numbers… there are at least two.” It isn’t a confirmation by any means, but it isn’t a denial either. What it is, is enough to keep the Internet fanboys giddy for the possibility.

Stay tuned for the rest of my interview with Avi and my chat with Fantastic Four director Tim Story.

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