Is Vincent Cassel the Front-runner for Joker?


Names are being tossed all over the place to see who will play the Joker in the follow-up to this year’s smash hit superhero flick Batman Begins.

Early on names such as Mark Hamill, Johnny Depp, Crispin Glover, Paul Bettany, Alan Cumming, Tim Roth and Adrien Brody have all been tossed around, but today I received an anonymous tip to SneakPeekTV where they seem to have uncovered a supposed front-runner for the role in Vincent Cassel, yeah Mr. Monica Bellucci himself, a.k.a. The Nightfox.

Cassel was last seen in Ocean’s Twelve and will next be seen in Derailed along with Jennifer Aniston and Clive Owen, but news of his involvement in the sequel to Batman Begins is bigger than all that.

SneakPeekTV claims their information comes from a WB studio insider who claims the sequel is now on the fast track for a 2006 start. The source was quoted as saying, “Cassel has the aquiline ‘Joker’ look as well as the ‘genre’ film experience.”

I don’t know, you tell me, based on the comparison above I have got to say this might not be a bad choice at all, we will just have to wait and see.

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