Winslet in Gervais’ New Sitcom?


The likelihood of us here in the States getting a chance to check out Ricky Gervais‘ new sitcom “Extras” before it hits DVD is probably a matter of whether or not Bravo is going to pick it up for us, but until then it has now come to light that Kate Winslet may be making a cameo appearance on the show along with a bunch of other big names.

The Digital Spy is carrying the story and tells us that Gervais said of the Titanic star’s role: “Kate plays a nun hiding people for the Nazis and I approach her to ingratiate myself and try and get a line.”

As for the other big names making cameo appearances you can expect Ben Stiller, Samuel L. Jackson and Patrick Stewart to play alongside Gervais who will be playing a Andy Millman, a struggling acting extra.

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