Classics and MTV Go ‘Beneath’

Variety is reporting that Paramount Classics and MTV Films have teamed together and started production on the psychological thriller Beneath up in Vancouver with Nora Zehetner and Matthew Settle starring and Dagen Merrill is directing.

The film centers on a woman haunted by visions of a car crash in which she was the driver and her sister was disfigured.

Variety goes on to say that this film represents an expansion of responsibilities for Paramount Classics, which has previously been limited to acquisitions. The division has been ramping up its activity as part of Tom Freston’s strategy since he became Viacom co-president a year ago.

Classic’s Presidents Ruth Vitale and David Dinerstein were quoted saying,

“This marks a new step in the evolution of our company and we’re thrilled to be making it with our partners at MTV Films.”


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