Is ‘He-Man’ Cast?


Thanks to scooper ‘BubbaJoe’ we learn that Newsweek has posted an article discussing four cartoons that we ought to expect to see on the bigscreen in the coming years, a couple we know about a couple we did not.

First off is He-Man. We already know that John Woo is expected to helm (among other things) this adaptation, but Newsweek implies that “Sex and the City” Jason Lewis (right: with girlfriend Rosario Dawson) may be up for the title role, IMDB even has him tapped for the role.

Secondly is “The Smurfs.” A rep for IMPS, who handles the rights to “The Smurfs,” told Newsweek that while there is no release date set “it’s in our plans.” Newsweek continues saying The project has been rumored since 2003, with Jeff Goldblum once listed as Gargamel.

The rest of the news is pretty much old hat and nothing new as they mention “Alvin and the Chipmunks” and the live-action Transformers movie of which Michael Bay is directing.

To check out the complete article click here, and thanks again to ‘BubbaJoe’ for the heads up.

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