‘The Watchmen’ Scrapped by Paramount


There was massive rumor all over the place in regards to the plug being pulled on the comic adaptation of The Watchmen over at Paramount Pictures and it now seems like the film has flat-lined.

Variety reports that the studio pulled the plug on the action-adventure and put it into turnaround over the weekend. While this rumor had been spreading I simply couldn’t believe since it seemed Paramount was diving right in as they opened up an official site as well as a chat back forum in which director Paul Greengrass even participated in, and on top of that movie nes website CHUD.com posted several interviews with Greengrass discussing the film in length.

So what happened? Well, apparently when Brad Grey moved into the Paramount president seat he made known that the $100 million budgeted film needed to cut its budget.

With Paramount off the project, producers Larry Gordon and Lloyd Levin, with Greengrass are taking the project out to other studios.

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