Garland ‘Halo’ Script Making Rounds

Variety is reporting that the script for the movie adaptation of the popular Microsoft Xbox videogame “Halo” is done and messengers outfitted as the kick-ass space marine from hte game hit the studios Monday with a screenplay based on the bestselling franchise, a script that is seeking an advance of $10 million against 15% of the gross and strict control of development.

The screenplay was adapted by 28 Days Later scribe Alex Garland. Garland was paid $1 million for the script, which met with the approval of Microsoft execs and the game’s creators.

Variety goes on to say that Microsoft was looking for a quick response, possibly as soon as late Monday, with a goal of starting by January. As far as interest goes, New LIne and DreamWorks have already passed due to the dollar figure on the story and Columbia Pictures (Sony) is likely to pass due to PlayStation and Xbox competition.

There is some interest out there, but the eight-figure price tag is a bit of a turn off.


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