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This week’s Download has a limited number of titles, virtually no looks at box art or special features and simply release dates, so let’s take a quick look.

Ong Bak: The Thai Warrior

(August 30th)

First up is a film starring what is sure to be become one of the next great martial arts heroes as Tony Jaa is introduced to mainstream films with Ong Bak. His flailing elbows and knees are sure to interest any action film fan and the DVD will be made available to own from Fox Home Entertainment on August 30th.

Layer Cake

(August 23rd)

Barely in theaters, and the feature directorial debut by Matthew Vaughn who just dropped off directing the third movie in the X-Men franchise, is Layer Cake starring Daniel Craig one of the recent James Bond candidates. Layer Cake sets out to tell the varying levels of British society, or more appropriately, the different layers and it will be available to own on DVD on August 23rd.

Beauty Shop

(August 23rd)

This Barbershop spin-off only pulled in $36 million at the box-office and now that MGM was snatched up this one will be released by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment on August 23rd.

The Brown Bunny (Superbit)

(August 16th)

What would a DVD DOWNLOAD be without a bit of controversy as we come to The Brown Bunny a film by Vincent Gallo of which he stars in with his then girlfriend Chloë Sevigny. So what’s the controversy? Well if you haven’t heard of the oral sex scene at the end of this film in which Miss Sevigny gets more than friendly with Mr. Gallo’s nether regions this will be your chance to learn more as Sony will be releasing it in their trademarked Superbit format giving you the best audio and video to take it all in as the DVD will hit shelves on August 16th.

A Lot Like Love

(August 23rd)

Finally for the theatrical films is our last entrant as the Ashton Kutcher and Amanda Peet rom-com A Lot Like Love will be released on August 23rd. While we don’t have any box art we do know that there will be a director’s commentary track, deleted scenes, a blooper reel and a music video on the disc.

Six Feet Under – The Complete Fourth Season

(August 23rd)

It has been a while since we have had any TV DVDs to promote on the Download and this week we have two and the fourth season of “Six Feet Under” is our first to get featured as it will hit shelves on August 23rd. The popular HBO series is just about to debut its first episode from its final season and I am sure the studio is hoping that a good season will improve DVD sales. The features for the disc are listed below:

• 7 Audio commentaries w/ Alan Ball, writers and directors on episodes 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 11, 12

• Episodic Previews and Recaps, Season 1-3 Recap

• Cut By Cut: Editing Six Feet Under–a featurette on how an episode is put together in the editing room
Smallville – The Complete Fourth Season

(September 13th)

Our final featured disc on the download is the fourth season of the young Superman chronicles, “Smallville.” As of right now we don’t have any box art, but we do have a list of features below:

• Audio commentary on 3 episodes by Alfred Gough, Miles Millar and cast.

• DVD ROM (link to website)

• Being Lois Lane: Dana Delaney, Erica Durance, Margot Kidder, Noel Neill and other Portrayers Share Their Thoughts

• Behind Closed Doors: Inside the Writers Room: The Process of Writing an Episode


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