Bloom Spills ‘Pirates’ Beans

As the header suggests this is a spoiler article so read on with caution as Orlando Bloom spilled some Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man’s Chest spoilers and Digital Spy brings them to us.

Once again, read on with caution:

“They’ve come up with something bigger and better for the next two movies,” Bloom told Radio 1. “They had to top the skeletal pirate thing and I think they’ve really managed it, haven’t they?”

He continued: “There’s this sequence with a Kracken – it’s a big squid – and some other things…oh, was that too much information?!”

Co-star Keira Knightley added: “I have a sword fight with two swords, which has been the biggest challenge, but also the thing that I’m most excited about because it’s fantastic. I was well impressed!”


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