Cheadle an ‘American Gangster’?


Back in October ’04 Variety reported that Universal Pictures had officially shleved their crime drama American Gangster as Antoine Fuqua was removed from directorial duties and disputes over budget caused production to be shut down even though Denzel Washington and Benicio del Toro were set to star.

Then, in March of this year it was announced that Terry George was filling the shoes vacated by Fuqua and now it seems things are moving even farther forward as Variety tells us that Don Cheadle is being courted for the starring role as Frank Lucas, a Harlem heroin kingpin in the 1970s who, after he was brought to justice, helped end the corruption and legal loopholes that allowed him to import the drug from Southeast Asia.

George and Cheadle worked together on the highly touted Hotel Rwanda from last year and Cheadle will not be offered a role until George completes his script rewrites.

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