‘Indy IV’ Moving Forward and ‘Rush Hour 3’ Jammed


The excitement over another Indiana Jones film can escalate as Variety reports that Jeff Nathanson’s script has met with the approval of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, but before Paramount Pictures can begin moving forward with the project Harrison Ford must also approve the script.

Timing isn’t exactly a big deal considering Spielberg is going to be heading to Europe to shoot his untitled drama about the aftermath of the 1972 Munich Olympics for Universal and DreamWorks, and is expected to follow in January with a DreamWorks film about Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War, to star Liam Neeson.

Summer 2007 is most likely the best time to expect Indy 4 considering it was announced by LucasArts at E3 that there are plans for an Indiana Jones game for 2007. It wouldn’t be surprising if LucasArts is hoping the game will coincide with the release of the film.

Nathanson is also the scribe behind the upcoming third film in the Rush Hour series, which has apparently hit a snag. It was reported on May 5th by Variety that Chris Tucker was set to sign a two picture deal worth $40 million, but Tucker has apparently backed out and failed to sign a $20 million deal that would fast-track New Line’s Rush Hour 3.

Variety reports that Nathanson expected this to be his next project, but after Tucker backed out New Line apparently refused to cut a seven-figure check to Nathanson unless it knew the film would get made. Talk about some bad luck, if I was Nathanson I would be on the phone to Tucker and would have a few choice words.

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