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A bit of nostalgia fills this edition of the DVD DOWNLOAD as we feature two old school collections, and by old school I mean we are looking way back, on top of that we have a new special edition DVD featuring the one and only Nino Brown, and then, of course, we have added even more titles to our growing list of movies for the Sony PSP. Let’s get to it.

Garbo: The Signature Collection
(September 6th)

First up is one of the old school collections I am talking about, and this one goes so far back that it even includes three films from the silent era featuring the queen of the silent films, Greta Garbo. Personally I have never seen a single movie featuring Ms. Garbo, but I am hoping to get a chance to review this collection to let you all know how it is.

The collection has a total of 10 discs for 10 movies and one feature-length documentary. The titles in the collection include, Anna Christie, Anna Karenina, Camille, Flesh and the Devil, Grand Hotel, Great Garbo Documentary, Mata Hari, The Mysterious Lady, The Temptress, Ninotchka and Queen Christina. Each disc can also be purchased separately. To preorder the entire collection click here, and to check out more details on the set click here.

New Jack City (2-Disc Special Edition)
(August 23rd)

Now to Nino Brown, or should I say Wesley Snipes in a film that if Major League didn’t certainly make him a star, this one did as the O.G., original gangster. New Jack City was one of those films that hit the scene as soon as rap started to bleed its way into the mainstream society. Just as N.W.A. was chanting “F**k the Police” and Ice-T was writing songs called “Cop Killer” came New Jack City and with it a cast that included a young Chris Rock as Pookie, Ice-T as, get this, a cop and also was directed by and starred none other than Mario Van Peebles.

The special features are plentiful in this collection, check ’em out below:

• Audio Commentary by Director/Co-Star Mario Van Peebles
• New Jack City: A Hip-Hop Classic: Artists, radio personalities and other hip-hop icons show their respect for the movie that brought the streets to the big screen.
• New Jack City: Harlem World: Mario Van Peebles checks out the sights and sounds of the Black Capital of America.
• Harlem World: A Walk Inside: an inside look at the city of Harlem.
• Theatrical Trailer

Music Videos:
• “New Jack Hustler” (Nino’s Theme) by Ice T
• “I’m Dreamin?” by Christopher Williams
• “I Wanna Sex You Up” by Color me Badd

The Ballad of Jack and Rose
(August 16th)

Here we have the little talked about Daniel Day Lewis starrer The Ballad of Jack and Rose a film described as a story of a man’s struggle to live an environmentally correct life and separate himself and his family from the dictates of “civilization.”

xXx: State of the Union (Special Edition)
(July 26th)

Fresh off the big screen and quickly to DVD the disappointing box-office numbers have Sony Home Entertainment pushing this one to DVD shelves faster than any other movie I have seen since Elektra. Ice Cube apparently didn’t win over audiences as he took over the franchise from Vin Diesel.

The Complete James Dean Collection
(May 31st)

The final addition this week is a DVD that hits shelves in only a few days, and since I missed adding it when it was announced I couldn’t think of a better time to do a little pre-review promotion of The Complete James Dean Collection from Warner Home Video. I am currently reviewing this feature filled collection of three films so I will say very little, but just so you know what it holds, the movies included are Giant, Rebel Without a Cause and East of Eden and all of them have more than enough special features to hold you over until Christmas, click here to preorder.

Sony PSP Titles

Once again there weren’t any TV DVD additions so I leave you with a list of six new Sony PSP movies that were added now that Paramount Pictures has hopped on the PSP bandwagon:

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