Sam Jackson and Ricci Make a ‘Black Snake Moan’


Hopefully you didn’t read too far into that headline, this isn’t as perverted as it may sound. According to Samuel L. Jackson and Christina Ricci are set to star in Black Snake Moan for director Craig Brewer.

The film involves a white nymphomaniac who must be “cured” of her disorder by an older black bluesman.

BlackFilm received the news from producer Stephanie Allain who was quoted saying, “John (Singleton) and I are going to produce Craig’s next movie. We’re going to Memphis this summer to shoot it. It’s called Black Snake Moan and it’s fabulous. It’s just amazing. Where Hustle and Flow was really about the notion of having the courage to create, Black Snake Moan is about having the courage to reach out and connect to somebody, so I think it will find its audience.”

The reason Allain mentioned Hustle and Flow, a film that was hailed at the Sundance Film Festival and will be released on July 13th by MTV Films and Paramount Classics. Hustle and Flow was written and directed by Craig Brewer and is his first big feature, and it goes to show, if you do well you get to work with top talent for your next feature.

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