Despite Sequel Woes ‘The Ring 3’ is Coming.


The production budget on The Ring 2 was said to be around $60 million and it brought in a little over $76 million at the domestic box-office, so what does that tell you? Yup, another one is coming, but this time the budget is going to be smaller as producer Walter Parkes told Variety that The Ring 3 is in development and it will be, “by its very nature a small, intimate movie.”

It was also revealed that Naomi Watts will not star in the feature, which doesn’t surprise me, instead the film will be told from the point of view of another character who also has the misfortune of sliding the infamous videotape into the VCR.

Honestly, this sounds like a direct-to-video release and something I am not even remotely interested in after the horrible sequel to one of the better thrillers in recent history.

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