Kidman Back with Lars


Nicole Kidman starred in Dogville, the first film in Lars Von Trier‘s controversial trilogy, which will be followed by the soon-to-be-released feature Manderlay in which Bryce Dallas Howard replaced Kidman as the leading lady, Grace.

Kidman was unable to fill the role in the second film due to scheduling problems and is now expected to share the role with Howard in the third and final installment Wasington (yes it is spelled correctly).

With Manderlay making its debut at Cannes this week it is still unknown when it will hit theaters, but word is that Wasington won’t be making its way to the big screen until 2007 as Von Trier is apparently taking some extra time to get the script right.

There is 14 year age difference between Howard and Kidman which leads me to believe there will be some sort of a series of flashbacks to tell a younger and older story of Grace, but as far as a storyline for Wasington I have no idea.

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