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Let me start off by apologizing for this week’s Download, there is very little to get excited about this week as the studios seemed to have taken a week off from announcing any exciting titles. The biggest news is certainly the Ben-Hur 4-Disc Collection and the additional PSP titles I added, so without further adieu let’s get to it, and remember we always have our most recent additions featured over at the RopeofSilicon DVD Central.

Look at Me
(August 9th)

This Sony Pictures Classic drama will be available to own on August 9th. I have not seen it, and know nothing about it other than what the synopsis tells me as it tells the story of Lolita Cassard, a 20-year-old who is angry at the whole world because she doesn’t look like the girls in the magazines, nor like her stepmother, and who would so love to be beautiful, at least in the eyes of her father or even have him look at her at all.

Kung Fu Hustle
(August 9th)

Next we have a movie that you MUST purchase, an outrageous action/comedy by writer/director/actor Stephen Chow. Kung Fu Hustle tells the story of Sing, a man that must overcome the tyranny of the Axe Gang in order to learn that he is the greatest kung fu master of them all, destined to protect a sacred street of some of the oddest characters you will ever meet.

As of now I don’t have any information on special features of even box art, but you can look for this one on DVD and even the PSP on August 9th.

Ben-Hur (4-Disc Collector’s Edition)
(September 13th)

Here we have the DVD set that I am most looking forward to as Warner Home Video is giving Ben-Hur the same treatment they gave Gone With the Wind last year as it will be digitally remastered and offered in a four disc set. As of right now I don’t have any info on special features but you can look for this one on September 13th.

(August 2nd)

The Germans bring Hitler back to the big screen yet again in a movie I have not yet seen, but have heard enough about to know that it is at least worth a rental.

The synopsis of the story reads, In the dead of a November night in 1942, a group of young women are escorted by SS officers through the woods to Wolf’s Lair, Hitler’s headquarters in Eastern Prussia. They are candidates for the post of personal secretary to the Fuehrer. Among them is 22-yearold Traudl Junge (ALEXANDRA MARIA LARA) a fresh-faced girl from Munich. The women are ushered into the waiting room outside Hitler’s private office, each eager to make a good impression. The door to the office opens, and Adolf Hitler (BRUNO GANZ) enters. The women rise to their feet, and the Fuehrer greets them, one by one, with a handshake and an inquiry as to where they hail from. Traudl is chosen for the job and she is overcome with joy at the thought of serving beside her Fuehrer.

Donwfall will be released on August 2nd, you can preorder it now by clicking here.

Guess Who
(August 2nd)

Bernie Mac and Ashton Kutcher team up in Guess Who, a film that managed to pull in $67 million at the box-office and will be coming to DVD on August 2nd. As of right now a list of special features or even a preorder link are not available, but stay tuned.

Because of Winn-Dixie
(August 9th)

Guess what, we have special features on this one, too bad it is probably the least interesting of all the films offered in today’s download, but I can’t help that. Because of Winn-Dixie will be released on DVD on August 9th, and with it comes the following list of features:

Disc 1 Side 1:
· Family Sizzle Trailer (Sandlot 2, Garfield, Fat Albert, Robots)
· Full Screen Feature
· Scene specific commentary by Anna Sophia Robb
· Behind the Scenes with Winn Dixie
· Music Soundtrack Promo

Disc 1 Side 2:
· Inside look at Ice Age 2
· Widescreen Feature
· Commentary by Jeff Daniels and Producer Trevor Albert
· Gag Reel
· Diamond in the Ruff Featurette

You can preorder this title by clicking here.

(August 30th)

Last but not least is the disappointing Sahara, which starred Matthew McConaughey, Penélope Cruz and Steve Zahn in the adaptation of the Clive Cussler Dirk Pitt novel. As with almost all of our DVD announcements this week, there are no special features listings available, nor is there a preorder link. Sorry.

Sony PSP Titles

Since there weren’t any TV DVDs added this week we will skip that and go straight to our list of seven new titles Sony Home Entertainment is releasing for the PSP. Each title can be clicked on to check out the box art and preorder, so have a blast.

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