First Lindsay Now Keri for ‘M:I 3’?


Only a couple of days ago the emaciated Lindsay Lohan began spouting off about her hopes of being cast in Mission:Impossible 3, and now TV Guide is bringing news that another teenie-bop star may be cast.

Director J.J. Abrams gave word to the “Guide” that he was eyeing his one time “Felicity” star, Keri Russell for a role:

Abrams told me yesterday that he’s talking to his former Felicity muse, Keri Russell, about joining the cast of MI:3 — although it’s unclear if that’s for the same role as Lohan. “There is a role that I think Keri would be spectacular for,” he says, “but there’s a process I must go through [before I cast her].” I believe that process is called “Letting Lindsay Lohan down easy.”

Good Lord, can this get anymore ridiculous? Here we are talking about an action film franchise and bickering over whether or not a girl who is about to star in Herbie: Fully Loaded or a girl who once starred in “Felicity” will be getting a role. The one thing I can say is that at least Russell plays more adult roles, when Lindsay shows up in PJs with a teddy bear things may get a little ugly on set.

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