Verhoeven Opens ‘Black Book’


From Basic Instinct to Showgirls, Paul Verhoeven has decided the world of the erotic is in his past as he has confirmed his next directorial outing will be the World War II thriller Black Book with shooting set to start in mid-August. German fund VIP Mediafonds came aboard with the last bit of cash needed to get the film off the ground making the film a Dutch/German/British co-production.

As for the story, the film, which was scripted by Verhoeven and his longtime collaborator Gerard Soeteman, is the story of a young Jewish woman who joins the Resistance and narrowly survives the war in Holland, but is falsely denounced as a traitor. Entangled in a web of someone else’s deceit, she sets out to discover who betrayed her.

Verhoeven was only two weeks away from filming last year when he got sick but things look to be moving forward and Verhoeven seems ready to roll as he tells Variety, “After making Dutch movies and American movies, this is the first time I am making what could be called a European movie.”

The characters in the film will speak their native languages including Dutch, German and English. The cast includes Carice van Houten, Halina Reijn and Thom Hoffman from the Netherlands, and Sebastian Koch, Christian Berkel and Waldemar Kobus from Germany and the English cast will be confirmed shortly.

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