The Shark is Still Working!


Thanks to the boys over at Ain’t-It-Cool-News I have learned of a clip from an independent documentary focusing on Jaws that is being put together by some serious Jaws fanatics. Unfortunately the doc will not be on the upcoming Jaws (30th Anniversary Edition) DVD it will be available to audiences at some point.

The doc will be called “The Shark is Still Working,” and so I don’t muddle it up, I will simply give you a clip from Quint’s report:

Now they have the big dogs (John Williams, Roy Scheider, Steven Spielberg) taking a nostalgic look back at this masterpiece of cinema. Considering that Spielberg seems to dislike the idea of Director’s Commentary tracks, this interview could be the closest we’ll get to a commentary from him…

To check out the clip click here, and to read the rest of Quint’s bits click here.

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