New Names Settle On Altman’s ‘Prairie’

We already knew that Meryl Streep and Lindsay Lohan were teaming for Robert Altman’s A Prairie Home Companion, part of the reason we know is because Miss Lohan has died her auburn locks to platinum blonde as well as shed what appears to be any body fat she may have had, but we aren’t here to discuss the rail thin actress, we are here to talk about the additional actor’s joining the Prairie cast.

According to Variety Woody Harrelson, John C. Reilly and Kevin Kline will be joining the cast of the spin-off from Garrison Keillor’s legendary U.S. radio variety show.

Keillor also wrote the script and will be starring in the film as himself alongside Streep, Lohan, Lily Tomlin, Lyle Lovett and Maya Rudolph.

The film is a look at what goes on backstage at one of America’s most celebrated radio shows, where singing cowboys Dusty (Waits) and Lefty (Lovett), a country music siren (Streep), and a host of others hold court. Keillor’s multi-award-winning show is carried on 500 radio stations across the States and is being shut down after 30 years and as the ensemble of performers, musicians and back-stage crew prepare for the final live broadcast, long-simmering passions boil to the surface while an imperious stage manager struggles to hold everyone together.

By the way, you wanna see what Lindsay looks like now? Click here to find out.


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