Yun-Fat Fills His Schedule


According to Production Weekly the next couple of months for Chow Yun-Fat will be quite busy as he will star in the actioner Deadly Deception for writer/director James Fargo as well as The Wretched for director Andrew Goth

The story centers around Phillip Chase (Yun-Fat), a highly skilled Hong Kong detective who travels to Los Angeles to solve his sister’s murder. Phillip matches wits and trades punches with the greedy, devious Jonathan Beardsley (John Leguizamo), who is the mastermind behind a conspiracy much larger than Phillip can fathom.

Production Weekly goes on to report that Roselyn Sanchez will also star as a tough LA cop who teams up with Chase. The production is expected to begin shooting in mid-May in Hong Kong, Argentina and LA.

The Wretched is described as a gothic western as well as a classic horror in which Yun-Fat plays Rellik, a bounty hunter of zombies. He introduces his apprentice, Twenty-One, to a dangerous world where zombie outlaws roam the earth, avoiding capture and incarceration in the prisoner catacombs for the undead.

When a wagon train of misguided travelers stumble upon the monastery and unwittingly release the undead locked within, Rellik and Twenty-One find themselves facing a jail-break like no other.

Production on The Wretched is scheduled to begin right on the heels of Deadly Deception in New Mexico this June.

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