Alexandre Aja Talks ‘Hills’ Remake


Horror fans out there may have already seen the French film Haute Tension (or High Tension) at Sundance or the South by Southwest Festival. It’s currently scheduled for a June 3rd release throughout the U.S. But evidently Wes Craven has already decided director Alexandre Aja has the goods. So much so he’s decided to have Aja (along with writer Grégory Levasseur) remake the 1977 classic The Hills Have Eyes.

Fans of the original may remember the tagline of “The Lucky Ones Died First”. In the article Alexandre Aja goes into detail about why it’s easier to get horror films made in the U.S.

“In France it’s very hard to make this kind of movie. I don’t know exactly why; there are many reasons,” he says. “It’s very different from here [in the U.S.] and they are not as successful [there] as here. And I think right now, because we are so in love with the show and we really want to try to [build on] what we did in High Tension, we tried to push the fear and tried to explore a little bit more the fear process [in Hills], and I think it’s the place to be right now, here in the U.S.”

Look for High Tension this summer and The Hills Have Eyes sometime in 2006.

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