Okonedo is the Latest to Have a ‘Martian Child’


Sophie Okonedo took the world by storm with last year’s Hotel Rwanda in which she recieved a supporting actress nod from the Academy, and now Okonedo, along with Oliver Platt and Bobby Coleman, has been added to the cast of The Martian Child.

The film already starred John and Joan Cusack and Amanda Peet and follows the story of a writer (Cusack) who adopts a 7-year-old boy (Coleman) in an effort to create a family. The boy, who desperately wants a father, is troubled by the idea that he’s from Mars.

Okonedo will play a social worker who persuades a widowed writer and Platt will play Cusack’s suffering agent, who is frustrated as his client’s attention turns away from his writing and toward his strange new adopted son played by Bobby Coleman.

The film will be released by New Line Cinema and is set to begin shooting Monday.

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