Bardem and Portman Look for ‘Goya’s Ghosts’


It is needless to say that Javier Bardem and Natalie Portman had a good 2004 as Bardem took part in the Oscar-winning film The Sea Inside and Portman took home a Golden Globe for her performance in Closer as well as an Oscar nomination for the same role.

Today Variety is reporting that Bardem and Portman are set to combine their talents in the drama Goya’s Ghosts, a film about Spanish painter Francisco Goya.

The film will be directed by Milos Forman and is set in Spain in 1792, when Goya was the country’s most famous painter. A scandal arises when his teenage muse (Portman) is framed for heresy by a manipulative monk (Bardem) who is one of the driving forces behind the Spanish Inquisition.

Portman will play the muse as well as her teen daughter Alicia, who might be the result of an illicit affair with the monk.

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