Thumbs Up for ‘The Hitcher’ Again

Just as Michael Bay sees the Platinum Dunes produced Amityville Horror remake top the box-office this weekend we learn Dunes has made a deal with Focus Features to redo 1986 pic The Hitcher with a planned release through Focus’ genre label, Rogue Pictures.

The original film was directed by Robert Harmon with C. Thomas Howell starring as an ordinary teen who picks up the hitchhiker from hell, played by Rutger Hauer. The serial killer torments the youth by implicating him in each of his crimes. Bay told Variety, “Someone mentioned the title and I said, ‘That’s the one we should do.’ I loved it as a kid, and we can add some cool twists and turn it into a rocking film.”

Bay did hint at possibly turning the lead character into a female as they hope to quickly get a screenwriter aboard.

This deal sets up what will be the third horror remake for Platinum Dunes after the 2003 success The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and, as I already mentioned, The Amityville Horror, which is estimated to finish its opening weekend earning $23.3 million.

It was also mentioned that Dunes is down to three finalists for the director’s chair on the much talked about Texas Chainsaw Massacre prequel, which will delve into Leatherface’s early years.


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