‘Pirates of the Carribean 2’ Goodies

Boy, oh boy are you Pirate fans going to love this, not to mention those of you, like me, that find Keira Knightley extremely hot and with a sports bra battling with swords you are going to find this just plain fun as The Sun has up six photos from the set of Pirates of the Carribean 2: Dead Man’s Chest up on their site. Don’t hesitate, click here now to check them out.

Next up we also have a bit of news coming out of DarkHorizons of which Orlando Bloom told the site, “There are plans to darken Will up a little, and make him a little more questionable which will then resolve themselves.”

Bloom also talks a bit about Keith Richards and his “part” in the film and a bit more on his character, click here for the full story.


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