‘Chainsaw Massacre’ Prequel News

The online place to be for everything horror is undoubtedly Bloody-Disgusting.com and this time they have dug up another gem as they sat down with Amityville Horror remake producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form to talk a bit about the anticipated prequel to 2003’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, which starred Jessica Biel.

The following is a clip from their story:

Brad: “The prequel is 3 years before Jessica Biel’s movie. It is an origin movie, and we are going to tell the story on why he became Leatherface. We have not made any [casting] decisions yet. R. Lee Ermey is in it a lot. He has some really fun stuff in this movie.”

So, I am happy their is a remake, but unhappy Biel won’t be able to be in it with a white shirt that gets sweatier and sweatier as the film goes on.

To read more on the prequel click here, and also check their site here for news on Biel’s possible role in a remake of The Hitcher.


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