Reynolds Talks ‘Flash’ and ‘Submariner’


LatinoReview had the opportunity to catch up with Ryan Reynolds during the press junkets for The Amityville Horror, which opens next week, but inside their video interview Reynolds also talked about The Flash and Submariner.

When asked about The Flash he said, “Yeah, it’s going on as we speak, The Flash is a character that I would love to play, I feel like it’s a perfect fit. David Goyer and I have been looking to do something together again since we wrapped Blade and he’s writing The Flash right now, and Warner Bros. has it comissioned so we’ll see if they greenlight it.”

Reynolds has been caught all over town talking about his desire to play The Flash and it seems that if this movie gets going there is little doubt that he will be the man donning the red tights, but what is this news about Reynolds also taking on the special powers of the Marvel character Submariner?

“Submariner is something that I don’t know about,” Reynolds tells LatinoReview, “Avi Arad who owns Marvel brought it up to me and that is something I would be keen on checking out, that’s for sure. I mean, from what I’ve learned from Avi it’s quite an undertaking, it’s gonna be a really big movie.”

To see the entire Reynolds interview and also hear a little about some of the things that happened on the set of The Amityville Horror remake head on over to LatinoReview here. Thanks to ‘james’ for the heads up.

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