Jay Without Silent Bob?


It’s a bit odd to see the name Jason Mewes and not see either Kevin Smith involved in the project or the name Jay associated with the role, but this time the pot smoking, law dodging funny man is joining forces with none other than Paris Hilton in the indie laffer Bottoms Up for Paul Walker’s Blue Collar Films and Cameo FJ Entertainment.

The film is described by The Hollywood Reporter as a film in the vein of the Jon Favreau comedy Swingers as it tells the story of a Midwestern bartender (Mewes) who finds love with Hilton’s character as well as money and success in Hollywood.

You can expect Paul Walker to have a small cameo in the project, which is currently shooting in Los Angeles.

Paris Hilton will next be seen with her clothes somewhat on this time in House of Wax and Jason Mewes is already attached to star in the highly anticipated sequel to Clerks, The Passion of the Clerks.

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