How Much Did You Pay to Go to the Oscars?


Oscar night ticket brokers are in a bit of trouble as the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is suing three of them for allegedly reselling nontransferable Academy Awards tickets for as much as $30,000 a pair.

The suit names Musical Chairs, VIP Getaways Inc. and Stubhub Inc. as the culprits of massively overcharging the public jsut to get a chance to rub elbows with the stars.

It seems one of the overall concerns is safety as the attorney for the Academy, David Quinto, told The Hollywood Reporter, “The Academy goes to enormous lengths to try to educate that the tickets are not transferable… In an era where there are celebrity stalkers and terrorists, the Academy simply can’t take a chance that tickets offered for sale won’t wind up with someone who wants to do something more than enjoy the ceremony.”

The Academy has apparently been against the reselling of tickets since 1991.

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