‘Tru Calling’ Returns to FOX with Two-Hour Premiere


Yeah, not a movie story, but still a story I am interested in, primarily since the show was just getting interesting when the second season ended as the life of Tru Davies has not yet met its end.

“Tru Calling” is set to return to FOX next Thursday, March 31st, with a two hour second season premiere, the series will then air Thursdays (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT).

In season one of “Tru Calling,” we were introduced to Tru played by Eliza Dushku, a smart, sexy, recent college graduate who – when her high-powered medical internship fell through – found herself working the midnight shift at a morgue. Tru was shocked to discover that dead bodies could speak to her and ask for help in preventing their deaths, and when they did, she would relive the day and have the chance to prevent their untimely demise. Tru also discovered that her mother, who was killed when Tru was only 12 years old, had the same ability. The audience learned that Tru’s father was involved in her mother’s murder, although Tru herself remains unaware.

Jason Priestley (“Beverly Hills 90210”) joined the series as Jack Harper for the final seven episodes of season one. Tru came to learn that Jack is her opposite – his mission is to guarantee that the people who ask for Tru’s help still die the second time around. In the season finale, Tru and Jack found themselves on a collision course with the stakes as high as they could be after the body of Tru’s brother, Harrison (Shawn Reaves), asked for help. As an epic battle for life and death between Tru and Jack began, Tru’s attempts to save Harrison led to the shocking death of her own on-again, off-again boyfriend.

Season two begins with the battle still raging. Tru’s father moves to the city so that he can work with Jack and they can maintain their alliance without Tru’s knowledge. Meanwhile, Davis (Zach Galifianakis), the quirky morgue staffer for whom Tru works, continues to support Tru on her missions to save lives.

Back when I reviewed the Season One DVD I heard that there were only six episodes shot for the second season of “”Tru Calling”” and that it looked as if the show was never going to see another ounce of light. Now that Dushku finds herself playing the role of Sarah on “That ’70s Show” it also seemed more unlikely that the show would return.

Fortunately the word on only six episodes must have been rumor or they have finally shot the rest of the second season or it would make for a very short comeback with a two-hour premiere then only four episodes to follow.

To catch up on the “Tru Calling” story check out the First Season DVD set by reading our review and ordering it right here where we also have seven clips from the first season.

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