Affleck is ‘Gone, Baby, Gone’


Since the acting thing isn’t exactly looking promising as of late apparently Ben Affleck is turning to options on the other side of the camera as he is now set to make his directorial debut on his adaptation of novel “Gone, Baby, Gone,” by Mystic River author Dennis Lehane for Touchstone Pictures.

The story follows a pair of private detectives in a working-class Boston neighborhood who are hired to search for a kidnapped 4-year-old girl.

The film is set to begin production this fall in Boston, and Affleck will not be acting in the feature.

In other Affleck news there are rumblings that he may be appearing in Die Hard 4.0 coming out of The Shirley Oracle through DarkHorizons.

Now I wasn’t able to find the article referenced by DarkHorizons anywhere on the Shirley Oracle website, but here is what the report apparently said:

“Word is Affleck is in final talks to join Bruce Willis in the $130M blockbuster Die Hard 4. Willis, who reprises his role as singlette- adorned law-man John McClane in the film, has been beseeching for a project to work with now good friend Affleck, whom he co-starred with in 1998’s Armageddon with, for several years – initially suggesting him for Tears of the Sun.

When Affleck was unable to do that movie they idea of them working together again was put on hold, until Willis was asked for some ideas on who he thought should play his son in Die Hard 4.”

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