‘X3’ Character News

Ain’t-It-Cool-News dropped the word on the director for X-Men 3 and now they are back with the goods on some of the new characters you can expect in the upcoming installment and while I am sure most of you have assumed one of them there is a bit of a surprise here.

First off, Gambit is going to be in the and AICN says to “expect them to cast a fairly big name in the role.”

Along with Gambit, Beast is expected to have a role, and much larger than his earlier cameo and AICN says he is “going to serve the same role in these films that Morpheus did in The Matrix.”

Finally, the controversy that is sure to have fanboys and geek addicts pissed the world-round Angel will be in the movie, but that isn’t what is going to upset you, apparently he will be played by a she.

Yup, the character whose real name in the comics is Warren Kenneth Worthington III is expected to be played as a female character, but you know what… I don’t care, go with what works and give me as much action and thrills as X2 offered up and I don’t care.

I know comic fans get up-in-arms and all nit-picky when it comes to these films following the comic books… GET OVER IT! They aren’t making these changes to piss you off, they are making them to make what they think will be a better movie.

Your blood may boil, or you may enjoy the news, either way it looks like things are really starting to roll on this film, so lets hope for some actual casting news and a production start date soon.


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