Kline and Dallas Howard Join Branagh’s Bard

This bit of news was posted more as an article announcing Kenneth Branagh as the director rather than announcing Bryce Dallas Howard‘s next film after her bout with Lars von Trier in Manderlay, which I think is a shame considering the performance she turned in for M. Night Syamalan’s The Village.

Either way, the news is that Bryce and Kevin Kline are tapped to join the Kenneth Branagh directed film As You Like It, an adaptation of the Shakespeare’s play set in the late 1800s, a period in which Bryce has already nailed once.

Howard will play Rosalind and Branagh may also play Touchstone, a small role in the film, which is being financed by HBO films for a theatrical release. Also along for the ride are Jimmy Yuill, David Oyelowo, Adrian Lester and Brian Blessed, all set for supporting roles.

Shooting starts April 21 in England.


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