‘Transformers’ Scribes Set


While a live-action film based on the popular cartoon series The Transformers seems to be quite a stretch news continues to roll out concerning the feature and now DreamWorks and Paramount have tapped a couple of scribes to pen the feature in Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci.

Steven Spielberg is executive producing the movie, which will revolve around the shape shifting robots, one faction, the Autobots, are led by Optimus Prime a robot that can shape shift, or “transform,” into a semi. The other group is led by Megatron, a robot best described as evil and his band of followers are termed the Decepticons. The war between the two is waged as Optimus Prime and his group set out to keep peace on Earth while Megatron seems only interested in disrupting it.

Kurtzman and Orci will be adapting the screen story written by Tom DeSanto. The duo recently re-wrote the upcoming Michael Bay feature, The Island, as well as the Sony Pictures sequel The Legend of Zorro and recently finished working on Mission: Impossible 3.

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