Swank Researches ‘The Reaping’


Seems Joel Silver and Robert Zemeckis’ thriller house, Dark Castle Entertainment, has the power of persuasion as they have lured Oscar winner Hilary Swank into their clutches for their latest horror flick The Reaping for Warner Bros.

James Cox (Wonderland) is set to direct the pic, which is a supernatural tale centering on a myth debunker (Swank) who travels to a small, religious town in Texas to investigate occurrences that appear to be the 10 Biblical plagues.

Silver told The Hollywood Reporter, “This is exciting for us… She is fantastic, and it’s a great opportunity to do something special with a really great actress.”

Swank’s involvement in the picture is already stirring good word for the spec script by Brian Rousso that has been rewritten by Chad and Carey Hayes, the duo behind the upcoming Dark Castle/Warner’s fare House of Wax.

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