Clip from Schrader’s ‘Exorcist: The Original Prequel’


Now I haven’t seen Renny Harlin’s pile of dung Exorcist: The Beginning since I screened it, so I wasn’t too sure whether this was anything different, but ‘Sharon’ writes in and lets me know that she is “damn sure.”

What we have here is a clip from Paul Schrader’s version of The Exorcist The Beginning, which never saw its way to the theaters, but looks to be trying its hardest to gain our attention, and has a little bit of a look at the film for us to peruse.

The scene is extremely similar to what I remember from the Harlin’s version that was released last year of a Nazi officer and Father Merrin in the Dutch village bantering back and forth over, which innocent villager is going to get a bullet to the head, but ‘Sharon’ refreshes my memory telling me, “Harlin does the scene as a flashback, showing it in bits and pieces as Father Merrin remembers the past. In Schrader’s version, the scene is done at the beginning of the film (not as a flashback) and the villagers are different, the Nazi officer is even played by a different actor…

To check out the clip click here, where you will also get a full synopsis of the Schrader version. Also, thanks to ‘Sharon’ for the link, and for setting me straight, every so often I need it.

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