Shankman Helming ‘Dozen 2’


Adam Shankman proved his worth with the surprise hit comedy of 2003, Bringing Down the House, which starred Queen Latifah and Steve Martin and now it seems Shankman and Martin will meet yet again.

Shankman has been assigned helming duties on the follow-up to last year’s hit Martin comedy Cheaper by the Dozen, which Martin is once again set to top-line along with Bonnie Hunt and Piper Perabo already signed on to return as well.

The sequel was written by the original screenwriter Sam Harper and will follow the Baker’s and their 12 kids on a family vacation and in a head-to-head competition with a rival neighborhood family of eight kids.

Pre-production is set to begin immediately with filming to begin in June, so expect casting news to be coming shortly, and I would also expect everyone from the first film to be back for this one, but it seems the return of Tom Welling and Hilary Duff are still in the air.

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