More on QT’s ‘Ultimate Jason Voorhees’


UPDATE: Rumors do travel and apparently Tarantino will not be taking over the Friday franchise, click here for updated news. But the Inglorious Bastards news below may still be a possibility as the latest news shows Tarantino eyeing that as his next.

‘DOCTOR’ has double-dipped us today as he also has coughed up a few rumblings concerning the recently discussed Tarantino involvement in the Friday the 13th franchise.

It was announced only a few days ago by IGN FilmForce that Quentin Tarantino may be the next writer/director for Friday the 13th Part 12, which is tentatively being titled The Ultimate Jason Voorhees Movie. While the deal is not by any means final rumors are sure to show their face and one has.

‘Doc’ writes in with a bit of speculation that is circulating on why Tarantino may be taking the Voorhees reigns and it seems to have more to do with his other films than with the Friday film.

Our scooper was able to catch up with someone from over at New Line and apparently, if the deal goes through, it deal will be worked out as a win-win for both sides as New Line has asked Tarantino to do this one film for them and they will help him get his other films off the ground starting with Inglorious Bastards.

Now the news doesn’t just stop there, rumor has it that Tarantino will be given free reign to do as he pleases on the film, in addition, they’re allowing him to play a major acting role in the film.

So what about this Inglorious Bastards right? Well, the word coming in, and remember this is just rumor for those of you that want to reprint the news saying its a done deal, is that Tarantino is eyeing John Travolta for the part. That’s right Travolta needs QT’s help again as he continually seems to be proving that a movie he stars in just isn’t going to make it at the box-office as Be Cool is on its way to the bottom of the top ten, where it will simmer and brew with the rest of the films featuring Travolta’s name as the top billing from the past five years.

What Travolta would even play in Inglorious is up in the air as Tarantino hasn’t let us know much more than the film is set in World War II, and revolves around a group of soldiers on their way to be executed, only they get the chance for a reprieve. Tarantino describes them as “Not your normal hero types that are thrown into a big deal in World War II.”

So for now let’s keep our fingers cross Tarantino will take over the Friday series as I think that could be one wild ride, let’s hope he doesn’t get himself too involved in the acting side of it and let’s also hope that New Line does get a few of his other talked about films off the ground and we can stop with all this speculation over what films of his are actually going to be made.

The one thing to consider is that this Friday film would be the first film Tarantino would make under a banner other than Miramax, could this be a sign of things to come?

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