Who is Really Up to Play James Bond?

I don’t think I can handle any more speculation over the James Bond role, but as sources become more and more sure of who will be up for the role I can’t help but be intrigued, and now it seems we are down to two names, or is it three?

First up is Clive Owen, whose recent Golden Globe and BAFTA wins certainly paint a good picture for a leading man, especially one as suave and debonair as Mr. Bond and according to UK Yahoo! Owen and one other are up for the role as they make known that Owen and Daniel Craig are fighting it out to become the sixth James Bond.

The article goes on to say that a Bond source told The Sun: “They’re both good looking and charming, but also have that dangerous edge.

“We feel they are the real deal. The million-dollar question is which one will get it.

“There have been lots of potential candidates but these two really fit the bill.”

This is all interesting, but what of the Julian McMahon rumor, that was supposedly squashed by the thesp’s mommy?

The Mirror out of the UK is reporting that the “nip/tuck” star is actually still up for the role as he was quoted saying, “I met the producers for a final audition. They told me to expect a decision in a couple of months and they said it was between me and one other person. It’s going to be a very nervous wait.”

Hmmmm… Only one other person eh? That person was expected to be Clive Owen at that time, as that article was posted one day earlier than the UK Yahoo! story.

So what about this Daniel Craig character? Craig is approaching his 37th birthday and will actually be featured in the upcoming Keira Knightley and Adrien Brody starrer The Jacket as one of Brody’s fellow asylum roommates. He also starred opposite Gwyneth Paltrow in Sylvia as well as having a role in The Road to Perdition.

So whether the list is three people short or two, it seems we will have a new Bond announced in the coming months.

The 21st film in the James Bond franchise has already been decided as Casino Royale, the first book in Ian Fleming’s Bond series and it is currently eyeing a summer 2006 release date with GoldenEye director Martin Campbell back at the 00-helm.


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