Steinberg Penning ‘Puss in Boots’

Talk about upstaging, the wily kitty cat from 2004’s hit sequel Shrek 2 is getting his own film as it was anticipated as David H. Steinberg is set to scribble the story for Puss in Boots based on the Antonio Banderas voiced character.

Banderas has already been announced as he will be returning to voice the pic, which is currently slated for release sometime in 2008 but Variety is reporting that it is unclear at this point whether the title will receive a theatrical release or, like many animated sequels, go directly to DVD, but it is hard to believe that this one would not be seeing the big screen after the recent rash of animated success.

Shrek 2 pulled in $436+ million at the 2004 box-office alone plus Steinberg has been granted a six-figure deal by DreamWorks for his script.


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