New ‘Sin City’ Pics


I complain a lot, yeah, A LOT, and one thing I find it necessary to complain about is the lack of Sin City assets that have been made available, but it seems Dimension Films is slowly ramping up to give us more and more on the flick as the official site just opened recently, and now Empire Movies has three new photos for us to check out.

The three pics offer up looks we have pretty much already seen from the trailer, but at least now they are in higher resolution. They also give us a look at Michael Madsen’s character and
a GREAT shot of Jessica Alba, which I felt like teasing you with above.

To check out the pics they are on three separate pages so click the links below for whatever your flavor is. Thanks to Liam for the heads up!

Jessica Alba
Willis and Madsen
Clive Owen

Sin City opens on April 1st, to get more info on the film including some poster images, trailer and clips click here.

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