Holiday Season Debut for Spielberg’s Munich Project?

Steven Spielberg was all set to go on his 1972 Munich Olympic project last year until he decided to give “Angels in America” scribe, Tony Kushner a shot at rewriting the script. So things changed and Spielberg jumped on the War of the Worlds porject and we all know how quickly that bad boy has been slapped together, but it seems Steven isn’t stopping there.

Universal Pictures is now eyeing a December 23rd release of the Munich film and Spielberg is expected to begin filming this summer. There are rumors that the film will be titled Vengeance as it chronicles the tragedy of the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany, where Israeli athletes were kidnapped by a group of Palestinian militants. Ultimately, 11 Israelis lost their lives in the tragedy.

War of the Worlds is all set for a June 29th release date, which means Steve will be moving straight from the promo phase right back into the director’s chair.


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